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Public Laboratory Community Newsletter 10 AUG 12

by adam-griffith | August 10, 2012 18:23 10 Aug 18:23 | #3240 | #3240

Hello Public Laboratory Community:

1) Google will be scanning maps created by our community to possibly be imported into GoogleEarth/Maps. Be sure to export maps and click public domain license.

2) Home made kites are sexy! Don’t believe us? Check out these photos:

3) Pix4d auto-stitching is a viable alternative to manual methods, Photoshop, or Image Composite Editor. Pat Coyle and Mat Lippincot demonstrate this with this research note and map:

4) Our spectral library is growing at and a new illustrated guide to making your very own spectrometer has made its way to our instructables:

5) Over 10 research notes by 6 different users this week!!!

Check out some research notes:

Gas escaping from a collapsing salt dome: Bayou Sauvage Draeger tubes after 4 days: Motivation to modify our balloon kit into a an air quality monitoring station:


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