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Visible/IR mapping camera process

by cfastie | April 15, 2012 13:10 15 Apr 13:10 | #1677 | #1677

Image: Spectral response of each color channel (R,G,B) of a Canon 40D with the IR block filter removed. If you then block most visible light (<700 nm) what do you get?

This Google doc is a list of issues and things to do related to getting the most out of the PLOTS visible/IR camera pairs. Modifications welcome.


Just thought i'd respond in a comment instead of by email --

that's fantastic, thanks Chris. "well rested"... well, i will be tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

Just so you know, i'm trying to work hard this week to ship the IR kits out, so I may be a little slow on working on the documentation until that's done.

I'm particularly interested in doing some endurance testing of the system to see if it'll keep triggering for 30 minutes. I wouldn't want to ship this out without being sure it could handle a whole flight.

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