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Low Elevation Aerial Flights For Earth Sensing Technology

WHAT: A joint meetup of the Vermont outpost of PLOTS and the Pioneer Valley Open Science science/hacking group WHEN: September 22 and 23, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday) WHERE: Chris’ house in Salisbury, Vermont HOW: Bring a tent and stay the whole weekend, there will be lots of food. WHY: Because hacker/mappers like camping and eating, too.

PLOTS Organizers Chris Fastie and Ned Horning will be hosting the gathering to share progress on some projects that the new Pioneer Valley Open Science group in Amherst, MA has started:

There may also be demonstrations of (or at least hand waving about) DIY Hydrogen production, radio control of a VIS/NIR camera rig featuring a professionally modified Canon G11, live video downlink from a flying Powershot, and any other related projects.

Let us know if you have a project you would like to demonstrate.

Any good weather on the weekend will be used for flying kites or balloons to field test gear and, with luck, to capture some aerial images. Poor flying weather will allow us to make progress on project development, and maybe use MapKnitter to align our new aerial photos.

Everyone is welcome to attend all or part of the weekend to contribute or learn. We will post more details here as they emerge and also at the PLOTS Google group, where you can ask questions.

Here is a related Research Note

To help us plan,

Please sign up at this Google form


Top image: Chris’s backyard on October 15, 2008 (the leaves will still be mostly green in September). There is lots of room for tents here and in the surrounding woods. (Hey, you want level, go to Iowa.)


Hey, very excited to attend! I'm actually looking forward to doing a quick wiki gardening session on the infrared camera pages... since all the incredible work we've done, we've never really reformatted and updated the main page. Let's fix it!

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