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Weeks Bay Kite Training

by eustatic | March 29, 2013 21:41 29 Mar 21:41 | #6607 | #6607

Gulf Gathering 2013 Weeks Bay, Alabama

Showing target area, launch pier, oriented north.

Sunny, ~30 mph wind

Attendees Jason Faulk Dean Wilson Paul Orr Jordan Macha Ayn Pivonka Raleigh Hoke Andrew Whitehurst Howard Page Harry Lowenburg

Scott Eustis Becki Chall

kite: small Delta Coyne, center front mounted tail (don't do this) rig the Breen box Picavet

Weeks Bay pier 30°23'18.01"N, 87°50'34.27"W

in 15 minutes, gave a rationale for kite photography and demonstrated kite, picavet rig, and obtained a monitoring photo of an erosion control project undertaken by weeks bay foundation.

Also put Becki's camera into the saltwater, because of the method of attachment of the tail to the cheap Delta Coyne kite.

in this case, the target project is visible from shore. It's a "christmas tree" style shoreline erosion structure. Aerial photography can monitor the state of the structure, the trees (which normally rot away in a year or so), and the condition of the shore behind it.


wind provided a bit of oblique action

In this shot, though it is oblique, we can count the number of holding cells that are full, the number empty, and number in disrepair.


calculation of timing of next paycheck, cost of Becki's camera


last photo before loss of camera

The Kite and camera rig were retrieved easily, but the camera was waterlogged for aobut 1 minute in brackish water.

Later flight of Dazzle Delta went swimmingly, although there was no camera, and few witnesses. of course.


Oh man! I'm sorry to hear about the camera. you're not having the best luck these last few months. next time, tails at the tail end of the kite ;)

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Ouch! Sorry to see the salt water camera dive. Have others found 20 mph a bit too high for Deltas. It's been my experience can be. Glad to see it was a Coyne Delta and not Coyle as first indicated ;->

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At this point, the go pro seems cheaper and cheaper

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FWLIW, looking at your pics on my 'notsosmartphone', it appears that you might have had the camera rig a bit too close to the kite. Whether that had any effect on your camera getting “dunked”, I cannot say.

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