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Balloon mapping in Qatar

by huslage | May 01, 2013 20:18 01 May 20:18 | #7191 | #7191

We launched a Balloon at the Al Dhakira Mangroves in Qatar on April 23rd! This was in support of the larger Mapping The Mangroves project sponsored by Qatar Foundation International and Conservation International. PLOTS kindly overnighted me a Balloon Mapping Kit to take on the trip. We are using the data gathered to improve the imagery of the site, measure seasonal effects of mangrove trees and to improve awareness of the importance of mangroves to the world's ocean ecosystem.


Glad that you got the kit in time and excited to hear more about the project as it moves forward!

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looks great! next time you go flying, try closing your balloon with the ring & cable ties included in the kit, I'd worry about that tape ball holding the helium in, and getting it off to reuse the balloon.

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