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Map of EPA National Priorities List sites with H2S issues

by sara | May 10, 2012 17:19 10 May 17:19 | #1948 | #1948

This map of EPA National Priorities List sites with reported concerns about H2S comes from a report written by Lana Skrtic and Published in 2006.

Skrtic documents an interesting list of industries that create, use or produce Hydrogen Sulfide:

"Facilities where hydrogen sulfide is produced, used, or generated include petroleum refineries, natural gas plants, petrochemical plants, coke oven plants, kraft paper mills, viscose rayon manufacturing plants, sulfur production plants, iron smelters, food processing plants, manure treatment facilities, landfills, textile plants, waste water treatment facilities, and tanneries, (Chénard et al. 2003; Devai and DeLaune 1999; Lehman 1996; Rimatori et al. 1996; Svendsen 2001); workers in these industries may be occupationally exposed to hydrogen sulfide." Page 117-118

For the original paper see:


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