Question: Mobius Action Camera Setup using motion detection?

by Braunlkg | July 20, 2017 17:55 | #14671

I am looking for a way to setup my Mobius action camera to take a single picture or a short video when something moves in front of the camera. If this is not a possible configuration using m.setup, then how do I set the camera up to take a single picture every hour using m.setup.

The Mobius Camera is currently being used for an air quality monitoring setup near a construction site on the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Campus. I have not been able to successfully set up the camera in a way that motion detection takes a photo, and also not been successful trying to get it to take a single photo every hour. I am hoping someone could post images of screen shots of the m.setup configuration, for either motion detection photos or a single photo every hour.


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