Balloon Mapping Kit

This kit, offered for sale by Public Laboratory's nonprofit arm, is the result of experiments in DIY [balloon mapping]( They were available through the [Balloon Mapping Kits Kickstarter]( and now online through Breadpig. ###[Balloon Mapping Kits in the Public Lab store »]( The kit is based on the more in-depth description of balloon mapping kit materials here: ###Useful links### * [MapKnitter]( for stitching your aerial photos into online/digital maps * [The Public Laboratory Archive](/archive) - a repository of open data maps produced mostly with balloons and kites, by independent "grassroots mappers" * [Register](/join) on this site to take part in the growing Public Laboratory open source community and get support from other balloon mappers * [Kite mapping](/tool/kite-mapping) is a good alternative to balloons in areas where helium is hard to come by * Check out [near-infrared photography](/tool/near-infrared-camera) for using your kit with an additional infrared camera to analyze vegetation ###Each kit contains:### * A [Qualatex 5.5' (170cm) "Cloudbuster" Chloroprene balloon]( * latex/chloroprene (neoprene) mix, making it UV resistant, fairly tear resistant, and excellent at retaining helium. Two-four days of flights can be had with one filling of helium. * A custom-wound 8" or 9" hoop winder and 1000' (300m) of 110lb (50kg) line, [from Shanti Kites]( * We tracked these back to the factory and are having them custom wound. No other winder is sold with more than 500' of line. * [A pair of cotton work gloves palm-coated with rubber]( to get a grip while bringing the balloon in and prevent rope burns. * Three 170lb Coastlock [Mighty-Mini Snap Swivels]( we use these because they're the [only ones that are lead free]( (one spare) * Twenty #64 [latex-free rubber bands]( We use these because they don't get brittle in the cold like latex rubber bands. They are for the [camera rig]( (one spare) * 1.25" diameter [steel ring]( for attaching the balloon to the line. * Ten [reusable cable ties]( for closing the balloon. * A [carabiner]( for mooring. *Documentation The kit ships with paper documentation. ([all available on the Guides page for download]( The latest editions of: * Grassroots Mapping Guide * Balloon Mapping Quick Start Guide * Balloon Mapping Flight Checklists and Packing Lists * Kit contributors list * CERN Open Hardware License * Legal Indemnity & Safety warnings * Welcome to Public Laboratory getting started page * (not for first KS shipping, but for later kits?) a 1 page [Flight Log](/wiki/mapping-flight-log) **Weights** This is important for shipping/online sales: SKU, Description, Weight * BPIG-PLOTS-125RING 1.25" Dia. Steel Ring = .05 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-CABTIE 5.5" Reusable Cable Tie = <.05 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-CARAB GalvanizedSteel eye-ring Carabiner = .05 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-ELASTF #64 Latex Free Rubber Bands = <.05 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-LGLOVE Cotton Work Glove, Palm-Coated with Latex, Large = .10 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-NEOBAL 5.5' Chloroprene Balloon = .70 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-REEL 8" Hoop Winder with 1000ft 110# line = 1.10 lbs. * BPIG-PLOTS-SWIVL 170# test Mighty Mini All-Stainless Snap Swivel = <.05 lbs. **= 2.15 lbs total** Shipping costs end up being: * UPS Ground: $6.23 * USP 3-day select: $17.63 * USP 2nd day air: $25.77 * USP next day air: $63.18...

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