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ecta64 "Thanks for the Tyvek!! The scale I have has worked out well. The only thing is I might still say to get a 2kg for days that are really turbulent an..." | over 6 years ago
mathew "great video with the audio overlay. I just got the same spring scale in the mail. I've got some tyvek that should be headed your way tomorrow. " | over 6 years ago
klie "Whoa thanks for sharing that link @mathew - good Saturday read :) A++ " | Read more » over 6 years ago
mathew "Glenn Davison has answered many of these questions in the AKA guide to kite flying. I can't believe I'd never seen it before. A+ excellent: http:..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
mathew "@Ecta64 How do you feel about the Kite Anemometer section and lift calculations? I really think a lookup chart of "I have X grams of stuff I need..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
mathew "That's a good point, Chris, and I like that you start at the camera. Beyond framing kite photography, I think it's worth integrating several of th..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
cfastie "I might organize some of these topics a little differently. Here is an outline of the first few topics. Choosing a camera 1. Do you want excel..." | Read more » over 6 years ago
ecta64 "maybe a pulley setup like in this video might be useful too. About 25 min in. " | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "That's really curious. I have been debating about getting a 5kg scale cause my 250 gram and 1kg don't cover enough wind range now that I switched t..." | almost 7 years ago
mathew "I really need a scale with longer travel! I was trying to use a basic 5000g scale I had sitting around (waaay too strong!) and couldn't really take..." | almost 7 years ago
mathew "I think there are a couple ways to read the straw-on-keel construction detail, I'm not sure either of us got it right the first time. i covered the..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "I did decide to retrofit the keel spars onto my horned Allison kite. I'm now curious to see what performance advantages it might have over one with..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "That looks fantastic!!!!!! Awesome job! This design can get pretty up there in terms of flying angle. Due to some oversight I left out the keel spa..." | almost 7 years ago
mathew " I made and flew a horned allison today! it has a good flying angle, 55+ degrees and very stable. While it hunts for the wind and responds to cha..." | almost 7 years ago
ecta64 "My experience has been quite good in gusty conditions so far. I added a design overview video where you can get a better look at the kite. It pulls..." | almost 7 years ago
mathew "Excellent! I gotta try the scalloped one. Everywhere i fly here in portland is pretty gusty, and I have the same issue with tails getting stuck d..." | almost 7 years ago
mathew "You're using this 250g scale right? I'm thinking about one of these: " | about 7 years ago
mathew "so cool! I have to try replicating this. Nice to know your results are comparable to the local weather station!!! That's great-- your DIY kite wa..." | about 7 years ago
ecta64 "Thanks. This balloon was latex but I likely should have replaced the string with something that would break down easier. " | almost 8 years ago
mathew "awesome! great explanation, and I love the easy-listening soundtrack for the balloon ascent! remember to use biodegradable balloon string and buy ..." | almost 8 years ago