kombucha leather

The lead image is by Suzanne Lee ([watch her TED talk](https://www.ted.com/talks/suzanne_lee_grow_your_own_clothes)) * **biomaterial** means a regenerative material created by living organisms, as contrasted with materials that must be mined or extracted, or require high energy inputs from fossil fuels * **kombucha** is a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast * **kombucha leather** is the dried form of the thickened layer that forms over fermenting liquid kombucha ## Design goals * grow microbial leather that can be sewn or moulded in ways analogous to leather, parchment or homemade paper * improve our production techniques to gain greater control over the attributes of the final material * test enhancements of the microbial leather such as coloring or waterproofing ## Project background Artists and designers are exploring the potential of microbial leather as a sustainable alternative to the ethically and environmentally problematic use of animal-sourced leather. [Parsons Sustainable Systems](https://courses.newschool.edu/courses/PUFY1100) is helping to advance this research. ## Questions Questions can be either frequently asked questions, or "next step" challenges we're looking to solve. [questions:kombucha-leather] ## Activities Activities show how to use this project, step by step. [activities:kombucha-leather] ...

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derin-guven "how much milliliters or liters did u use oil and how much gram did u use beeswax for leather ? " | Read more » over 3 years ago
melikli_a " I have also been treating my leather samples with a. Mixture of beeswax, parrafin and olive oil. This seems to create a more supple product but..." | Read more » about 4 years ago
liz "Wow very interesting. Interested to hear this report back! " | Read more » about 5 years ago
michalby "I used sodium perchlorate (bleach) to clean schott funnel (filtration funnel) from tea tannins residue (in a plant biochemistry class). I'll try wi..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
zengirl2 "Thanks for showing this experiment. I once saw a student at Drexel form a Scoby TV projection screen of the future that was the size of a small bat..." | Read more » about 5 years ago
warren "Friday night kombucha posts from Liz! :-) an exciting weekly tradition I look forward to! " | Read more » over 5 years ago
liz "I heard from Oliver that "the more acidic the tea, the better" -- and that the lowest cost teas like Lipton that are available at any bodega and ar..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
liz "It appears that kombucha leather can be laser cut! The material in this BioSkirt is grown, dried, laser-cut and sewn. It can be dyed either before..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
liz "I heard from Oliver Kellhammer that kombucha leather gets its rich brown color from the tannins in the tea that it grows in. The question about wha..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
Bronwen "The brand of tea isn't important, but Kombucha is nearly always made using one of the many kinds of teas or blends derived from camellia sinensis: ..." | Read more » over 5 years ago
warren "Again, super write-up. Some thoughts that might be helpful: for cfl calibrations without moving the device -- what about putting a small mirror o..." | Read more » about 10 years ago
Jayesh "Hi Martin, Thanks for the description and tips. I will try to implement it and will tell you results :) " | Read more » over 10 years ago
mkoistinen "@Jayesh, Hi! Re: Tips on the spectrometer. Well, I basically just made it up as I went along, guided by the fine work by the fine folks at Public..." | Read more » over 10 years ago
Jayesh "Hi Martin, This is fantastic and encouraging. I am looking to build up the spectrometer like you made. Need some tips for the same. I want to get ..." | Read more » over 10 years ago
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