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Ag8n "The data shows that natural titration indicators with long shelf life (90 days) do exist ( see the Hippeastrum note above). However, Red cabbage d..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "The research shows that natural titration indicators, with good shelf life, do exist ( see Hippeastrum, above). However, Red cabbage does not appe..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "The acid (from the pH 3 solution ) for the cabbage indicator could mess up some titrations. A blank might need run(and, depending on the titration..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "Clarification. Acidic media is pH 3. " | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "Check this reference: "Evaluation of red cabbage dye as a potential natural color for pharmaceutical use" by Neela Chigurupati, et. al. Industrial..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "Some natural indicators can have shelf lives of up to 90 days in solution. See "Hippeastrum hybridum anthrocyanin indicators of acid - base titrat..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "Interesting paper on this same subject. " Application of Butterfly Pea extract as an indicator of acid - base titrations " by Nyi Mekar Saptarini ..." | Read more » 8 months ago
hunternick363 "This is a nice and simple method of measuring the PH of a solution. I remember these kinds of experiments we used to do in science class. We have t..." | Read more » 8 months ago
stevejohnson "thanks for the information " | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "For a couple other reads, look up "The Effect of pH on Color Behaviour of Brassica oleracea Anthocyanin" in Journal of Applied Sciencies, volume 11..." | Read more » 8 months ago
bhamster "I did this! We tested vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, pickle juice, and carbonated water. A lot of acids easily available in the kitchen. Then w..." | Read more » 8 months ago
alejobonifacio "Hi @Ag8n! Thanks for your reply! I had this cabbage solution in fridge almost a week and I didn't see an appreciable color change. I don't know if ..." | Read more » 8 months ago
Ag8n "First, I'd like to thank Alejo for posting this page. It is very helpful. Then, I' d like to refer you to the comments page in compound chem ( da..." | Read more » 9 months ago
alejobonifacio "Glad to hear that @bhamster! Comming soon the english version of the activity ;) Yes, there are some research papers that used this natural pigment..." | Read more » 10 months ago
bhamster "This is so cool, @alejobonifacio, I had no idea about this cabbage capability! Do you know of any examples where this pH detection method has been ..." | Read more » 10 months ago
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bhamster "@alejobonifacio, do you have any thoughts or experience with this in river habitats you've worked in? " | Read more » about 1 year ago
liz "Have you thought at all about whether you are aiming to go directly to procuring lab data of baseline water quality that lab scientists will testif..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
waniakzmi "You are doing well for well-being looking forward to it we are working to provide the best ease by providing medical equipment and products online ..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
warren "Hi @Ag8n - thanks, i'm thinking of an activity which young people could do in a group, over the course of a month or so, to create a map of a water..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
Ag8n "Project CyAN with the EPA might be of interest. It is using a newly launched satellite to track cyanobacteria. The new satellite was launched 5-6..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
Ag8n "Ammonia, as from fertilizer, would also increase the pH. It would make the algae like the water, too. There are several methods to test for ammoni..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
Ag8n "Could you be more specific? What exactly the problems are? Algae blooms due to nitrogen runoff are being tracked in some of the great lakes by sa..." | Read more » over 1 year ago
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