India is home to the majority of the Software community members of Public Lab. In the last Google Summer of Code(2018), 9 students spent their summer working on various Public Lab projects and 8 out of 9 students were Indian. Some outreach events were also organized by the GSoC students. ### Maintainers * Gaurav Sachdeva * Sagarpreet Chadha * Sidharth Bansal * Varun Gupta ### Google Summer of Code (2018) participants * Gaurav Sachdeva * Mridul Nagpal * Naman Gupta * Sagarpreet Chadha * Sidharth Bansal * Sourav Sahoo * Varun Gupta * Vidit Chitkara ### Organizations * [Reap Benefit](, also see the [Neighborhood Dashboard]( and [Ninja Labs](, specifically [Solve Ninja]( [notes:India] **Also see**...

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gauravano "Hi @shish, nice to meet you! I can relate to what you're proposing here. For sure, India needs to make many efforts in tackling pollution. Public ..." | Read more » over 3 years ago
liz " hi @shish, our code community is very active in India. Please meet them at ! @gauravano " | Read more » over 3 years ago