Wiki gardening

This page is a starting point for "wiki gardening", which is what we call tidying up and editing the wiki pages of the Public Lab website. Our website is made up of blog-like research notes and a sprawling user-editable wiki. Wiki pages sometimes get a bit old or out of date, or just need a little writing or editing help. ###Marking pages for revision Mark out of date or unfinished pages by tagging them "needs-revision", and those pages will appear in the sidebar of this page. If you work on a page and consider it revised enough, untag it. If you want people to know that a page is unfinished or needs work, you can add the following code to the top of the page: This page needs revision It will appear like this: This page needs revision ### Deleting wiki pages Sometimes wiki pages are made by mistake (with a typo), or are found to be unuseful in the given context. The author would like to delete his or her own wiki page. It seems that deleting a wiki page should be allowed so long as no mutual authorship has occurred. Mutual authorship exists when two different people have edited a single wiki, in which case responsibility and permission becomes difficult to manage. Users might tag, follow, or like a wiki page. It isn't clear whether these activities count towards mutual authorship, thus demanding the wiki page's persistence, or whether these can be ignored if the author chooses to delete. ###Marking pages for deletion It might be nice for users to mark a page for deletion, which will show up as a list for moderators and admins to approve or deny the action. This could go horribly awry in so many ways, but it might also just work(TM)....

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