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Welcome to the Public Lab community development project. The tag community is used for pages that contain information about the Public Lab community itself such as a glossary of terms we use, our norms for Conduct, and ways people can get involved.
Below is a table of all content tagged with community:

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Conferences @warren over 10 years ago 10
Tracking contributions to open source projects @warren over 10 years ago 1
Attributing Public Laboratory work @warren about 10 years ago 2
barnstars @liz about 10 years ago 1
Core proposal @warren about 10 years ago 7
Inviting others to join PLOTS @warren about 10 years ago 1
High traffic stats and server issues recap @warren about 10 years ago 1
A list for “plots-organizers” @Shannon about 10 years ago 1
Opening up PLOTS: thoughts on community growth and accessibility @warren about 10 years ago 1
Measuring our community growth using web traffic @warren over 9 years ago 1
Citizen Science on Google+ @cfastie over 9 years ago 1
How to organize a public lab chapter @tlevine over 9 years ago 1
Request Mapping in your area @adam-griffith over 9 years ago 1
Public Lab Map Annotation Survey @Shannon about 9 years ago 1
Doing it Yourself: Kite-mapping… an activity for the ‘privileged’? @cindy_excites about 9 years ago 1
Report back from Transparency Camp 2013 @liz about 9 years ago 1
Developing and Running a Public Lab Workshop @sara about 9 years ago 9
Spectrometry Meetups @warren almost 9 years ago 3
Public Lab community growth, Dec 2010-Aug 2013 @warren almost 9 years ago 1
Ethics and Politics @sara over 8 years ago 4
2013 Barnraising evaluation summary @Shannon over 8 years ago 1
winter-holidays @liz over 8 years ago 5
Newsletter @warren about 8 years ago 5
Models of Online Community Engagement @stevie almost 8 years ago 2