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There are lots of ways to explore water quality, and many resources to help you do so.


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Using UVC or "deep UV" light to detect lead by fluorescence @warren over 1 year ago 14
Can DIY spectrometers be useful for pH determination and/or dissolved organic carbon of a water solution? @alejobonifacio over 1 year ago 19
Can pond testing kits be used for stream/river water? @belkinsa over 1 year ago 3
What can you do about oil in your ditch following a natural disaster when traditional resources/normal pathways are not available? @laurel_mire over 1 year ago 10
How do I...use luminescence with the spectrometer? @Ag8n almost 2 years ago 8
What are some observable tell-tale signs of wastewater pollution? @bhamster almost 2 years ago 11
What groups or agencies are looking at the intersections of land/soil management and ocean pollution? @laurel_mire almost 2 years ago 1
Tips about seeking funding for water testing? @Greenhorns about 2 years ago 5
Water testing protocols for Sulfide Mining? @Greenhorns about 2 years ago 1
As soil and water share similar pollution problems, what research methods can be shared between them? @alejobonifacio about 2 years ago 10
What kind of spatial acidity variation could be evidence of pollution source in a river? @warren about 2 years ago 5
Who is a specialist in our area on water quality/pollution? @Wendydelgado over 2 years ago 1
Does anyone have any concerns regarding the water quality in New Orleans? @stevie over 2 years ago 3
What are the differences in water quality in various bodies of water in the New Orleans area? @Chickynuggies02 over 2 years ago 2
Is Bayou water cleaner than river water? @pawpatrol over 2 years ago 2
How can I test whether beach foam is natural or potential pollution? @bhamster almost 3 years ago 6
Will high turbidity levels affect the babylegs trawl? @stevie almost 3 years ago 1
What are ways to monitor for oil and gas spills on private property? @stevie about 3 years ago 2
Looking for water controller resource @lanesharman about 3 years ago 1
Are there examples where environmental concerns were addressed as a result of people filing complaints (or suspected permit violations)? @stevie over 3 years ago 7
How can you tell if a sheen on water is bacterial or petroleum (oil)? @stevie over 3 years ago 1
Are there simple tests for nitrates in well water? @stevie over 3 years ago 8
DFRobot Turbidity Sensor Troubleshooting @mimiss over 3 years ago 5
Reused fracking water? @charlotte_clarke over 3 years ago 1

Groups working on water quality issues:

Mystic River Open Water

Along with, the Mystic River Open Water project aims to build an open-source, DIY water quality monitoring network. Support the IOBY campaign here.

InfoAmazonia Network

The project will use environmental sensors connected via mobile networks to generate indicators of water quality in cities in the Brazilian Amazon. Read more.


Leif Percifield's water quality sensor system. Developed during the Water Hackathon on March 23-25 in New York City, the water quality sensor is a multipurpose tool for collecting data remotely. This tool is rapidly changing and is being used as part of the on going research initiative called DontFlush.Me