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Spectrometry health applications

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Charles Hamilton, Amir Bernat, and Jeff Warren are co-authoring a piece on the potential and challenges of handheld and/or wearable, low-cost spectrometry for mobile health applications. We were hoping people had some ideas and even links to papers or articles suggesting different such uses.

Our plan is to survey the ideas out there, and highlight both the potential to achieve them with a low-cost device like ours, as well as outline the difficulties and challenges such a device needs to overcome to be useful for such analysis. In some or even many cases, we expect to say "well, this would take quite a bit more work, or a totally different design".

Can you help us by posting links to articles and papers you've seen that relate to health, mHealth, wellness or fitness applications for spectrometry?

We'll be collecting them on this page:

TED 2013: Uchek app tests urine for medical issues - using color strips and smartphone camera

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From Nathan McCorkle: Look up Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy, tons of noninvasive health and environmental data. Raman and Surface Enhanced Raman have tons of invasive apps...

Optical Technologies for the Determination of Pesticide Residue

Via Bob McCree: